Friday, September 08, 2006


This auto parts store on McGuinness Boulevard in Greenpoint, Brooklyn has a full-size car
on the roof and ranks as one of my favorite sites from the ol' neighborhood. For whatever reason, I admit now to never having purchased anything there, even though I appreciate
the effort on their part.

PS -- For something different, visit Ted's blog Drivin Barefoot.


Jess said...

Ok, so if the last pic wasnt' caused by you, did you do this one?


wonder if that was result of a drunk driving spree???

Katina Mooneyham said...

I really wonder how they got the car up there? I guess they probably lifted it up by chopper or crane or maybe someone ramped it up there?

Stephen Tiano said...

Can anyone not from Brooklyn--at SOME time in their life--see why it's possible that Brooklyn's the center of the universe. True, it's the heart of EVERY old country, just about. But pics like this, and Coney Island, remind me.