Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dead 'Brella

Every time it rains, you see the dead umbrellas. I guess $10 doesn't buy the quality that
it used to...And, true, this way, you keep the friendly umbrella vendors in business.


"Jet" said...

Poor umbrella!! It's now a bird bath!


Anonymous said...

A beautiful picture. It really tells a story. Makes me wish I had taken it myself.

Chic and Sassy said...

It's lovely Oti, I think it would be even more poignant as a b&w pic but its beautiful all the sa,e with the reflections in the water!


wow..i like many of your pictures make me wonder about the story behind the picture..who's umbrella was that...? was it a kid going to school, some one going to work, on the way to the store..the always make me wonder about the story of the picture..