Sunday, September 03, 2006

Construction Form

A peek through temporary scaffolding offers a different look at new construction in Greenpoint, Brooklyn...


Anonymous said...

wow Oti, the lines and the shadow on that pic are probably stronger than the bulding itself...

The gray/black contrast just pulls you in.

I bet most the people who live right there have never once noticed that image.

Nan said...

Hi Otillie! - This picture is perfect. All the edges and such. What will you do when you have photodocumented all of New York? - Move to another city?

Stephen Tiano said...

Hey, again, I have to tip my hat to your eye. But, man, Greenwood Cemetery--tho', officially, I think it's Green-wood, is waiting for you and Prospect Park, too. I'd love to see your view of those places.

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