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Macy's Diptych

a window decorated with a Christmas theme and the awning above...

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Egg-citing Story By Request

Points -- Look! This could be any one of us!
Wild Eyes -- We're all just a yoke in a shell!
Eye Cover -- Humpty, no!
Points -- Somebody get a spatula!
Wild Eyes -- Why! Why, did he try to cross the road?
Eye Cover -- He was a Good Egg.
Sniff -- At least he got laid...
Grim Onlooker #1 -- Hmmm, egg white is really clear.
Grim Onlooker #2 -- I'm not cleaning this up.

[words mine, picture not mine--I got "tagged". bloggers know what I mean.]


south central Williamsburg, Brooklyn...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

TriBeCa Park

Since 1985 this .038 acres site has been known as TRIBECA PARK in tribute to the surrounding neighborhood. TriBeCa = the “triangle below Canal” Street. [from]

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Untitled Rentals

ha, ha--it's the "billboard" for United Rentals on the West Side Highway...

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