Saturday, September 16, 2006

No Sitting

Sometimes things simply speak for themselves. It doesn't always take a burning car to
make us stop in our tracks and stare in disbelief. As they say, "only in New York"...


Jess said...

I wish I had those for chairs... Might help get rid of unwanted company a little quicker.

web_loafer said...

My cyberfriend.....
Haven't commentted at your blog for awhile, but I enjoy your blog of photos. I have mind photos from the 1960's of NYC. I spent a lot of time in the East Village in the '60's, Fillmore East, Rappaports, Tompkins Square Park, Rikers Island, and much more.
Your talent will take you places....hopefully Kansas. Shhh, don't let the secret out, Kansas is a good place to live, and look at photos of NYC.

Anonymous said...

Is the inhumanly horrific practice of Fire Hydrant Sitting so rampant in NY that they have to take such drastic measures? ;~D

Internet Marketing Tips said...


I wonder how much of tax money went to this project: First the steering meetings:

Leader: "We need to do something about this out of control problem we have with people sitting on the fire hydrants"

Him: "I agree. I see people sitting on fire hydrants all over the place"

Leader: "Good! We agree. Get to the engineers and have them design some device to prevent this"

Engineers: "OK, no problem. We can have it for you in 3 months. We need to come up with a few prototypes first."

6 months later ......

Leader: "Finally we have the device"

Him: "I will get it installed"

So a crew of about 15 orange vest wearing state workers all gather around the hydrants and watch 1 guy install these. Probably lasted about a week.

Nice investment of the time and money.

Awesome picture though!!!!!!

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breasier said...

That definitely solves the rampant sitting problem I hear you guys have in New York, sugar.

Chris said...

Sure it will keep most people from sitting....but what about folks with a killer case of hemorhoids? he he

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"Jet" said...

Looks like human catchers!

Anonymous said...

Pleasant place to live. Eye think eye'll take my water straight.