Friday, April 04, 2008

Typical Situation

Rainy Intersection with reflection of power line

It's a typical situation in these typical times
Too many choices

It all comes down to nothing
Six senses feeling five around a sense of self
Four seasons turn on and turn off
I can see three corners from this corner
Two's a perfect number
But one, well...

[all apologies to Dave Matthews Band, TYPICAL SITUATION]


Luna said...

The rain looks so cool & inviting. Living in the desert sucks.

Anonymous said...

My friend and her husband just took off this morning for a few days in NY with a few of their older kids. I asked her if she had looked at your site, she replied, "Oh, yeah, first thing!"
There's so much to see and do, famous things, one of the little girls wanted to see the Statue of Liberty "in person".
Both my brothers worked at the WTC so I don't come to this site too often, both brothers are alive but I don't really like remembering.
I still like New York though and I'm glad your site is here.

yellowdog granny said...

'which way do we go...
which way do we go'...(kid cartoon.)

Mike said...

Hello! It rains so much here in New York sometimes. I am not a fan of rainy days. I started a Sky Photography blog. Trying something new.