Thursday, April 03, 2008

New Skyline

skyline sign, NYC

You have seen a bunch of cranes on here lately and there are a few in this photo as well. However, let me offer you an insight into the changing skyline of lower Manhattan. You get a feel for the emptiness of the World Trade Center site.

This sign itself could use an upgrade, for sure.


kml said...

I am surprised they haven't updated it. Are there are signs around too?

Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

This photo inspired one of my poems for National Poetry Writing Month - thank you!

I think it's actually quite good to have the skyline diagram show the missing towers, to indicate where they were for those (like me) who've never been to NY. Although yeah, the wording on the sign could definitely do with an upgrade.

Anonymous said...

I am not a New Yorker, Otilius, but I feel that WTC loss every damned day. A gorgeous photo of the towers together with Lady Liberty is my wallpaper on all the computers I use, home and work. Your site is the best photo blog I've ever seen.