Friday, December 29, 2006

Guest Post: Snow Business

I was so flattered that Otilius asked me to do a guest post--this is my first one ever! So, when I went through some of the absolutely beautiful pictures that he has on his blog, I couldn't help but stop at "Weekend Report" from February of 2006.

I immediately laughed when I saw this picture and was flooded with memories of the Blizzard of '78. If anyone lived in New England then, you would know exactly what blizzard I am referring to. It brought over 55 inches to some areas, but where I live in New Bedford, MA we had 48 inches.

This picture was so typical of what we saw, with the exception of the fact we could not see the cars at all! My mother had to wait 2 days until she could actually open the front door to start digging out. We looked out the windows and saw tanks driving down the street in order to start to save people that had been stranded. It was quite the experience for a 5 year old girl!

Just like in this beautiful picture, there was no where to walk, no way to get around, and definitely no school! There is something so sentimental about this picture for all of us who have ever lived through a large snowstorm. It brings back memories of snowball fights, walking through 4 foot snowdrifts and falling in to your waist, and valuable family time that comes with not being able to leave your house. I wish everyone at least one large snowstorm in the coming year. Instead of dreading it, take the time out to enjoy the fond memories you will have and the unbelievable stories you can tell your grandkids!!

Happy New Year all!


[photo originally posted February 19, 2006]


Anonymous said...

I remember the blizzard of '78. The snow drifted clear up to my second story window. We too were an island of warmth in a sea of snow for two days before someone from the street department came and dug us out. Its a good memory, we played marathon Monopoly.

auntie said...

Well, here in Texas we don't get much snow, but Christmas 2000 we had a record ice storm. I spent Christmas night listening to tree limbs break and fall to the ground. Many houses were damaged by falling limbs and trees. Thankfully mine and those of my family were spared.
We were without power for days, weeks and months. My power was off for 2 weeks. It's amazing what you can do with no power. We played games by candlelight and the ice made pretty pictures, but it still leaves a "bad taste in my mouth" when I think of thAt time. I'm just not a cold weather person. I don't think I could make it up north.
I'm glad God put me in Texas

durante vita said...

Great photo!

I don't envy everyone that has to walk in that. I'm satisfied applying sunblock before I leave the house here in Los Angeles.

Mommy the Maid said...

We had about 3 feet dump on us last week. It melted a little bit but we got another foot and a half the last few days and are expecting another 8" tomorrow.

THat's what I get for living in Colorado I guees :D

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