Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Midtown Jet

Walking through the tourist multitude in midtown, I happened to notice this scene with the scaffold. It looked interesting to the eye but not so great with the camera. Then, I looked up and saw a jet. Sure enough, with just a bit of waiting, the jet made it to its rightful place in the composition. The cosmic ballet continues...


Anonymous said...


Surfing in from BE. Hope this note finds you well.

As a former New Yorker, surfing past your blog always makes me nostalgic (in an appreciative way). I just thought I'd stop this time to say hi and thanks.


Anonymous said...

peace..., keep looking up....upwards and onwards is the attitude---good for you! nice sky so blue and clear...x

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your pictures, always a pleasure to see such vivid imagery of a place I really should visit.

~Deb said...

From one New Yawka to another----try avoiding looking up. It'll get you mugged by people assuming you're a tourist. :)

Great picture though! Glad you weren't harmed in the process!

Happy Holidays!

susan said...

I was going to say thing. I would love to photograph NYC (my hometown) but damn I'd look like a tourist. I very nearly kill one a day who just stops short in front of me with a camera. I work in Times Square. It is so annoying.
But I love your photos and I'm sure you are too street smart to just stop short. Happy Holidays! Thanks for the pix.