Tuesday, December 12, 2006


In midtown Manhattan, though The Holidays loom, life goes on...Is your life in balance?


Luna said...

I KNEW it! LMAO... so getting a spanking!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes my balance is pretty good.
good to know we're blogging in balance in NYC :)

Anonymous said...

The mirrored windowed buildings give such a striking look when you shoot from this angle.

PS. Have my emails to you about your BLOG VILLAGE Banner being absent been getting through? I'm sure folks would love to vote for your dramatic photography, if they only could.

Dirty Butter

Mary said...

Not quite..but I'm working on it..your photo's help give me inspiration and insight as to what balance looks like.

Happy balancing to all.

CP said...

I will be back "home" in NYC this weekend. You are making me homesick, in a good way. Can't wait to get there.