Monday, December 18, 2006

Little Man ESB

The little man gets a view of the Empire State Building as he strolls along 26th Street.


Kuanyin said...

Have you ever gone up into the Empire State Building? When I lived in Manhattan, I read that many hadn't.

Happy Click and Comment Monday!


Megan said...

My cousins went to NYC, and on their trip they visited the Empire State Building.

GerD said...

the little man! what a great addition to your photo. how did you get him to stay still for the picture?

Anonymous said...

love it--miracle on 34th street is appropriate...'tis the season...mmmmmm

mayeb its the empire staet building being a great miracle to nyc?

Cat said...

I love the "little man's" journey. Every single photo that he's in has been a wonderful shot. I think you should do a complete "little man" series, Oti.