Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Dock Progress

new cruise ship dock in progress, Ketchikan, Alaska

So far, they haven't paved paradise but they are adding to the "parking lot". Here we see progress on the addition to the new dock for cruise ships in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Listen: when ships anchor instead of tying to a dock, some tourists choose to stay onboard rather than go ashore via smaller boats. Well, to squeeze out more dollars, I mean get more visitors, you build more dock space.

I read in the KETCHIKAN DAILY NEWS this week that visitors spent 162 million dollars here last year. We shall see what the new dock brings.

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Matthew said...

That is disappointing. I thought Ketchikan had enough dock space--I didn't have to get into a smaller boat when I went a few years ago. It's a great little town too. I wouldn't mind living there... except for the cold and rain.