Sunday, February 04, 2007

Thank God for! A funny thing happened yesterday over at's Battle of the Blogs. Everything seemed normal as I put up a "challenge". No one took the battle right away, so I surfed to other sites.

After half an hour or so, I went back to see that not only had I been taken but there was only a couple votes remaining. Of course! It was #2 All Time "shallowmike" who had taken the "challenge". We all know his alleged reputation for "helping" the vote along, so I checked over at my account. Sure enough, the screenshots tell the tale. [click for larger image]

Well, you guessed it, he "won". The little fella must have gotten tired from voting so much.

Interesting to note the previous battles for each:

I guess "shallowmike" feels the pressure from contenders coming up behind him in the rankings and doesn't trust the "quality" of his posts to earn votes. Thank you,, for making it so easy to catch such blatant mischief.



Angie said...

This is my all-time favorite post EVER! :)

Love ya, OH-TEE!


golfwidow said...

The first time I tried a Battle of the Blogs and nine readers voted for my opponent's blog (boring, pointless, poorly written, and with a color-theme reminding one of spilled Pepto-Bismol) over mine, in a time period of about three minutes (my, aren't people quick readers?), I got a nice consolation email from BlogExplosion, suggesting that I might win next time if I improve my blog.

I said, "Not if I continue to care more about fair play than about winning."

And that was the last time I Battled in the Blogs.

Cat said...

It's a shame that this happens.

I know there is cheating out there (almost any online game I play has cheaters) and I have been guilty of cheating in the past (I was a n00b and I hated myself for it, trust me) but I continue to play for exposure and if you have any kind of optimism at makes life more enjoyable with this kind of stuff.

This is a great post and will remind me to pay attention to the voting. I visit blogs that I battle but I don't visit them 5 times while the votes are going.

This won't keep me from having fun in BotB's though! I like riding your coattails, Oti.

((I had no idea your eyes were so sexy!!))

Cat said...

PS Just noticed the Canadian visits were all like 20 seconds long so that's very truth-telling!!

kuanyin333 said...

I have always suspected some foul play with the voting, but I didn't have any data like you supplied. Mahalo for a confirmation! Good job!

Hopeful Spirit said...

So here's my question: Did you notify Blog Explosion? Because I would think that they would want to know about the integrity of their Battle being compromised.

I use Stat Counter, too, and find some very interesting items there from time to time.

Anonymous said...

i thought you can only vote for a blog once from your account... doesnt matter about your ip. you would need 5 be accounts with 5 active blogs in order to vote 5 times for yourself.

Unknown said...

I'm with Dan. It's a little confusing. Are you telling me Johnny has five seperate accounts with five active blogs that he's able to vote for himself with? Sorry, but that seems rather unlikely. I've battle Johnny quite a few times, and if memory serves, I usually beat him (if only barely). I'm just a little skeptical about believing this, folks. Forgive me... it's my nature.

CyberCelt said...

Came by yesterday but could not comment. New computer and having trouble with my Internet connection.

Do not worry about this, Oti. You are the best, but you have to lose sometime. If he cheated, break his legs. LOL

Granny Snark said...

This kind of thing really makes me sick. I've only been participating in Battle of the Blogs for a couple of months, and it's really fun -- but how is it fun to win because you figure out ways to cheat by padding your own votes? You can't say, "Wow, how cool, I won again!" because you didn't really win at all. I do find this a bit confusing, though, as some others have noted, because even looking at your screen shot of Stat Counter, I can't see how someone could fanagle a way to vote for himself even once, let alone a bazillion times. Probably because I don't have the mind of a cheater, which is a good thing. If you have to cheat, you're a dips**t, plain and simple.