Saturday, February 10, 2007

Owl & Bat

Sometimes you see animals in the city and sometimes you see animals in the city by way of sculpture. Here you see a detail from one of the ornate staircases at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park.

Though easily overlooked on your way to see the big fountain below, the staircases et cetera definitely rate some looking time as well. So much to see and so little time!


Paula Martinac said...

I never noticed the owl, and I lived in NYC 22 years... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Another great this type of building scupture. We have great Gargoyles on some of the churches here in Montreal.

Keep on clickin!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog... I keep coming back for your excellent shots of NYC. Now, everytime I visit, I seek out these places!

Rev. said...

Very nice photo's you seem to have a gift. Keep up the good work!