Thursday, February 15, 2007

Slushy Sidewalk

We got an inch or so of snow today. Here we see slush coating the sidewalks of Broadway in lower Manhattan. Over the years, this part of Broadway has hosted many of the famous ticker tape parades which then gave it the nickname "the Canyon of Heroes". As you walk along the street, you will see on the sidewalk the dates and honorees of the various parades.


Anonymous said...

Oh your name is Frida§! No.. Frederick! Cool.

This year we have gotten pretty much no show. Usually Denmark is pretty generous when it comes to snow but this year it's just different.

Anonymous said...

Yuck...that's why I'm glad I live in the southern nice as it looks, it's still a headache.

Great photo by the way!

Anonymous said...

Very nice work, I really enjoy your pictures. Keep up the good work!

Sean said...

Awesome picture! I'd much rather have snow than slush. It's getting really warm really quick where I am (Ontario, Canada) so everything is slush now :(.