Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunset JC

Croaker here guesting for Otilius. I remember my first trip to NYC. I was 12. My dad, older brother and I went on a company outing by bus. We traveled the two hours from Philly to NYC to see the Yankees play the Boston Red Socks. It was my first baseball game.
I don't remember much about that night just flashes of things; the black kids playing baseball in the street on the way to the park (a street that I remember looking similar to this one), the stadium lights, the green-green grass. It's a memory I've held onto. It's the reason I take my boys to sporting events whenever I get the chance. I hope they remember those times too.


"Jet" said...

Oti-- Beautiful picture!! I like the reflection in the windows!

Hi Croaker!



very very nice...howdy from texas...

Unknown said...

Great color and relection!

Chris said...

Great use of the urban setting.

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