Thursday, May 04, 2006

Reportage: David Blaine #5

No bum rush allowed, or necessary, at the DAVID BLAINE stunt in front of the Lincoln Center Opera House. A relaxed atmosphere as usual at a DB event allows you to get as close as you want without any trouble.


Adrian said...

There is some excellent photography here.
I love the work on the Empire State Building.

I am actually doing a feature at the moment on modern wonders of the world (of which the ESB is one of them).

Adrian said...

Oh yes, and it is either a trick of the light or the man to our right should consider his health and slightly slacken his belt..

Men have surely died from less constriction.

David Kim said...

Nice photos of David Blaine. Did you figure out how he did his stunt? Or was it pure magic?

Michele said...

If it's not a trick david
blaine is one crazy dude.
stop by for a visit.

David Kim said...

Well, I guess we'll have to see whether he makes it out alive this coming Monday. I'm betting that he can pull it off using his powerful magic.

David Kim said...

Too bad David Blaine couldn't pull off his stunt. Actually, for me, I was impressed with him more. He was in that globe of water for 7 days and was in pretty bad shape, yet he tried to break the record to please the crowd. It just shows how difficult of a stunt he was trying to do. If he managed to pull it off, then it would have been more boring. Since he failed, there was a lot more drama.

Chris said...

That is the ugliest goldfish I have ever seen. Did you try throwing a ping pong bowl in the bowl for $1?

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