Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Contest Winners

First Place and 500 BlogExplosion credits to guppyman who wrote:
Oti... Obviously you are a leftist hippie pervert! Just look at this perv pic you took of this unsuspecting lady on the train... (and we all know the "good" pics are on your leftist upskirt site)

Second Place and 250 BE credits to mjet2 who wrote:
In response to your contest regarding your political bias I specifically remember your post of the American Flag through a window around Thanksgiving.
While this doesn't indicate you being a right wing or a left wing, it does however say that you are patriotic. Having patriotism does not make you a democrat nor a republican. It makes you a true American. You must have some sort of love and respect for your country.

Your political roots have nothing to do with your photography... If that were the case you should be doing photo shoots of donkeys or elephants!

Clearly this person that wrote this comment has no idea where you come from or where you stand. I wouldn't be able to tell you what your "wing" is... Nor do I want to know.

Third Place and 100 BE credits to gksden who wrote:
Okay, I searched high and low in you blog--and decided that you are actually Martian here to kidnap our women and take all the aluminum siding, light posts with you, along the street maintenance crews with since none can be found obviously in NYC...

Honorable Mention and 50 BE credits to thewatchlist for the first entry:
Your March 10th post. You apparently used to ride the fence on issues, that was until March 10th. And I quote...

"and I looked to the left..."

You and the other left leaners all spent too much time fretting over the renewal of the USA Patriot Act earlier in the week. Why can't you understand that the government wants to spy on us so they can save us from our evil ways?

. . . . . . . . . . .

Great job!
As I had hoped, it looks like we had some fun with this one. Thanks to all contestants and congratulations to the winners!
(My previous post has the contest information.)


guppyman said...

Woohooo! I won!

I must have hit the mark... YOU PERV!!!!


Marcia said...

I love love love that first picture with the shoes. (Obviously) But beyond the shoes, you really captured the moment there. It's gorgeous. I'm glad you had the contest so we could see it again.

I was busy all last night and today at work, so I couldn't play! So sad.

suki said...

:) I was too late for the contest.. Bummer, but those were some great answers!

dimmi said...

I randomly found your blog, and I really enjoy the photos that are posted.

The one of the flag on the window is particularly interesting.

It's a thoughtful photograph, but also, it looks like one of church's temples is on the other side of the building.