Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cage 11211

In spite of the minimal amount of space between buildings in NYC, you can see plenty of interesting scenes, as long as you remember to look!


Zoe said...

pretty and yet strange i dont know why

prying1 said...

That screen sure does make an interesting effect. - I like it.

yellowdog granny said...

wow! that is so ...unusual...really strange looking..but i sure do like it..

utenzi said...

There's something compelling about metal grates. Maybe it's something to do with imprisonment--or just a reaction to the geometric shapes involved, but in any case it makes for a moody and strong photograph.

Dirty Butter said...

All the photos on this page of your blog were so awesome I decided to randomly look back through some of your old posts. They're all such great photos that I'm really impressed. I've never been to New York, and certainly not to Alaska, but I have been to Chicago, and I recognize that gritty look you speak of.

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You can find out more about it at the Blog Village blog.

Tartan Red said...

I've just got to commend you on your photos. They are excellent. A truly great blog.

I have been to NY twice and took some decent photos but you can be proud of yours as works of art.

I will add a link to your page from my blog.


Tartan Red

parated2k said...

Exactly! There is rarely "nothing to see here" as long as there are peole willing to See What Is There!

See ya around the SB! ;~D