Tuesday, August 26, 2008

White Glove Man

man with white gloves in a mural on a truck

Who better to help move your valuables than a man wearing white gloves? I don't know how much he costs but am sure he serves up a safe effort.


Amy Lilley Designs said...

looks like we were in the same neck of the woods...have a look/see:


all the best,

Sue said...

I wonder if the guy who wrote Waiter Rant would smile or groan at this. I like it!

yellowdog granny said...

instead of on the rocks, it's on the rock

Marie said...

Great looking pic. This guy should have been in the weight lifting division for the olympic games...he is lifting a whole city with one hand and manages to pose at the same time!

Lidian said...

Particularly if you have to move an entire metropolis -

Chandira said...

He has shifty eyes and a smirk, not sure I'd trust him! ;-)