Monday, August 04, 2008

Shadow Tree

a telephone pole and a shadow look like a tree


Gypsy at Heart said...

Well how unique! It is almost like an inverse tree. Love the shadow foliage.

Callie Ann said...

This pic just made me laugh.. Shadow Tree pretty unique.. Everything has a purpose. :)

Carol said...

Yeah, but is it really a tree? Or is it a pole with the shadow of a nearby tree cast on the ground in front of it?

The shadow at the base tells me the tree is actually across the street.

It's a really cool photo, though.

All your shots are really cool. I love my daily stops here.

otilius said...

well, yes, it is a telephone pole on a sidewalk with the shadow of a nearby tree cast on the street behind it. but, at a quick glance, it reads as a tree, though in black and white, it is the opposite or an "anti-tree". making something positive with the negative space. :P