Sunday, September 07, 2008

Helping Hand

the little man and his helping hand on 18th Street, Manhattan, NYC

Enjoying the return of great weather, the little man walks on West 18th Street in Manhattan. With all of the new construction around, it's nice to have a helping hand along, since you never know when you might need one.

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chilly said...

*doing the happy dance here*
HeyHeyHey... the little man is back again! :-)

Howdy and Thanks! Great photo indeed. Have a great up coming week!

Anonymous said...

I loved New York.. I was up there for like 2 1/2 days and I stayed in brooklyn and walked to the train station and took the train into the city I really liked it up there

Only thing is.. damn 26.00 for a meal at TGIFRIDAYS that was the main reason why I had to leave after 2 days was food was expensive and our hotel didnt get our rate locked in at the hotel we stayed at in brooklyn so we had to leave :(

Got there on a wed afternoon April 23rd and headed back to Laguardia at 3 am on saturday :(

~ Christopher ~

SSP said...

if you'd walked 1 block west from tgi fridays and found something awesome to eat on 8th or 9th ave. that 26 would have lasted a lot longer :-)

better luck next time - a good rule of thumb for NYC is to stay away from food you can get in your own home town ;-)