Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Plane Tour


Plane mobile in a window at Ward Air, Juneau, Alaska...


A fellow classmate and friend from High School, Ed Kiesel, owns Ward Air and took a bunch of us on an Ice Cap Tour in a float plane. Of course, having lived here for so long, I had never done it before. It was great!

In the above photo, you see us flying over the famous Mendenhall Glacier. That's another classmate, Frank Cox, on the right.

Next time you're in Juneau, do yourself a favor and book a tour with Ward Air. Ed and the rest of his pilots will make you glad you did.


Azure Islands Designs said...

Love the plane mobile...perfect for the business!!!

The second photo is amazing...lucky you to take such a wonderful opportunity...I'm not a fan of flying...I do it because I want to get to a specific destination. Although this kind of flight would be a once in a life time for me...I don't seem to have the same dislike for the smaller 30 seater planes a I do for the jumbo jets...not sure what that is all about...but I don't know how I would feel in a float plane??? Regardless the view is breath taking!!!

PS...don't think there will be a first time to Juneau never mind a next time... :0)

Anonymous said...

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miss igorota said...

OMG...that is such a breath-taking view from above!


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