Sunday, July 19, 2009

Minus Tide

minus tide at Kasaan Harbor, Kasaan, Alaska

The first of several progressively bigger minus tides (especially low tide) happened this morning at 5:08 AM. You can see only a little space between the moored boats and the nearby beach at Kasaan Boat Harbor.

This morning's low tide was -0.9 feet. Thursday will have the biggest minus tide of -4.4 feet at 8:20 AM Alaska Time.

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storybeader said...

love the little tug! Hope you're having a good time!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Such a calm, restful looking photo...
I have to ask, what is the difference between "minus tides" and "low tides"...I see the distance is far greater but why does it happen??? I've never heard of "minus tides"

Does this mean that Thursday those boats will be grounded???

otilius said...

Minus Tide =
An especially low tide or, wait for it, a low tide level below the mean value of the low tides or the zero tidal depth reference.

Could be when the Sun and the Moon are on the same side of the Earth.

No, the boats should not go aground, harbors up here are designed for such instances...but, we shall see.