Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flyin' Outta Karta

stern of a small boat with outboard leaving Karta River, Alaska

In Southeast Alaska, we have lots of islands and no roads between them. Gee, that would involve "bridges to nowhere", right?

Here we leave the mouth of the Karta River at high speed, en route to our next destination, aboard a 22 foot Boston Whaler®. You can see the outboard motor's power with your own eyes. Trust me, it goes even faster than it looks.


storybeader said...

there's something about traveling by boat, that always seems faster than it sounds. On a sailboat, 7 knots is booking!


I love all of these photos..the squid thing freaks me out..

Azure Islands Designs said...

As I've mentioned before...Alaska looks like an amazing different from New York!

I guess everyone learns at a young age about water safety and the safe operation of water crafts???

I believe you regarding the power of the motor...I grew up around boats!
I've driven everything from a little dinghy,to a 14 ft aluminum to a 35ft cabin cruiser...not in the last 10 years though :0(