Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunset ESB

sunset on the Hudson River and the Empire State Building, NYC

Sunset falls on the Empire State Building and the Hudson River.

Happy Memorial Day!


Anonymous said...

This is not worth stealing, borrowing, or reprinting with or without permission. This is a cliched view that is available from a thousand places.
Also, the top and bottom of this image are wasted space. This would be more effective if cropped into a landscape view, with most of the sky and water removed.

otilius said...

Dear Anonymous,

There is more in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your "philosophy".

Kim said...

the light on the ESB
makes for a brilliant focal point...
excellent photo !!!!

Nomadica said...

@ Otilius:

Cliched views don't imply unintelligent photos. The skyline is one of NY's proudest features. And this one here, is beautiful .

Cropped photos of the NYC skyline are cliched because the sea is rarely taken, unlike here. But it doesn't matter because if you crop this one, it will still be a stunning pic.

@ Anonymous/Chamblee54:

Stealing, my dear, is never justified! What sort of warped moral concept is this?

cube said...

Geez, anonymous. Get over your anger issues.

The Travel Beggar said...

uhh, I just stopped by and wanted to say that your pic is truly beautiful. NYC is not one of my top travel destinations for random reasons, however, it is a truly magnificent city with beauty everywhere. Thanks for capturing that for me to remember.

~Eric the Travel Beggar

yellowdog granny said...

i think anonymous is another word for asshole..
i love the lady and love any picture you take of her..