Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shawnee Clouds

cloudy sunset at Shawnee, Pennsylvania

Late afternoon clouds create a momentary early sunset at Shawnee, Pennsylvania, at the end of a nice canoe float on the Delaware River. It's great to really "get out there" by driving fewer than 100 miles from The City.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

PS--Wow! A guy used my last post without asking: it's his most recent post. Not only that, the guy squishes the photo to fit his format. Check out my stolen and distorted work at

UPDATE: He took down the post. For future reference, if you want to post about one of my photos, get permission to use the photo or, AT LEAST, actually use words in your post that discuss the photo. If you simply post the photo without permission and use no words, how does that tell me anything other than you are a photo thief?

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chilly said...

Cool, great photo! Thanks to you, now I want to go fishing! ;) LOL!

Grabbed a pic from you and squished it!?!?! *EKKK* ~ducking down and hiding~ LOL!!

chilly said...

Danggit!! Wish we could edit our comments!
Also meant to say, 'Happy Memorial Day Weekend!' to you too! Hope you've having a great weekend.

Carl said...

Lurker coming out of the closet here, I enjoy looking at your pictures when I drop my Entrecard on you, and anyone can see your photos are pretty unique to your site. Glad you got the scumbag sorted out.

Faizal said...

hi there, just dropping by to say HELLO!!!

yellowdog granny said...

oohh, that's so lovely...dont' want to go fishing but would like to be set a drift in a boat there...sorry some one took your picture without permission..i have used your pictures for screen savers on my computer, but i have always asked permission...think he went around it the wrong way, but do think he's a fan of your work...which is nice..

Ellen said...

Awesome picture!!!!

Urban Thought said...

Great photo.

So glad dude took it down. Did you send him an e-mail expressing your displeasure?