Thursday, May 08, 2008

Awning Love


Here, enjoy some sidewalk love from Delancey Street in Manhattan.


franscud said...

If only love were that easy to find :). Your photos are prodding me to get over to NYC for a visit soon. I like seeing random local scenes like this.

Sarasorta said...

We'll have manhattan The bronx and staten Island too.
It's lovely going through The zoo!

It's very fancy On old delancy
Street you know.
The subway charms us so When balmy breezes blow To and fro.

And tell me what street Compares with mott street In july?
Sweet pushcarts gently gli-ding by.

The great big city's a wonderous toy
Just made for a girl and boy.
We'll turn manhattan
Into an Isle of Joy
-rodgers and hart "I'll take manhattan"

Kim said...

superb photos...
this latest one is exceptional !!!!
you have a great blog here...

Ukion said...

this is a very good picture. From my amateur point of view, of course.


simpleyesa said...

Funny and crazy love, that is.

Anyway, just visiting. Nice blog...
Hope to see more of you around.
Have a nice day!