Friday, August 28, 2009

7 Bird Ridge

7 birds fly by a tree and a mountain ridge near Juneau, Alaska

So, it had stopped raining...briefly, as it turned out. Anyway, in this photo, seven birds flew into the scene, just as I snapped the shutter. They either make or mar the image, as William S. might say--you be the judge. (part of Thunder Mountain, Juneau, Alaska)

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storybeader said...

I think they make it! Beautiful capture of nature {:-D

Anonymous said...

What is that running across the top of the photo - something showing through the mist - a tree line? Nity image

Azure Islands Designs said...

Fascinating shot...with the trees in the fore ground the birds, flying into the shot the fog, at least that is what it looks like and of course that amazing tree line that is barely peeking through the fog...I like the interruption of the bird...makes the shot even more interesting!!!

otilius said...

Yes, Grace, that is the ridge alluded to in the title of the photo. The clouds kept moving to reveal some of it, then cover it up again. That's what had originally drawn my attention to the scene.

All About Samarinda said...

Nice pict...Birds look at blur in my eyes....but it's amazingly action...

Shinade aka Jackie said...

I see you are or have been on vacation! Wow lucky you visiting and getting great shots in Alaska.

Someday soon when hubby retires we are hitting the road too. I have a photography class coming up in October. I plan on spending this winter taking a few classes. So far it's all been via trial and error. But, it's time to throw in a class or two.

This is fabulous!! I am always amazed when I drop in. The entire scene borders on the surreal. The clouds, the tree line barely visible and to have the birds fly across made it even more special.

I apologize for not having been in but I have had a ton of technical difficulties.

Hopefully they are resolved and I can get back to my regular routine.

I voted for you!!