Saturday, May 02, 2009


the Statue of Liberty and cement slabs, Jersey City, NJ

The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, slabs of cement, and the number 33, shot on the Jersey side of the Hudson River.


CyberCelt said...

Stopping by for BYBS. We are traveling, so I am behind on viewing your photos. Will be back when I am home with a decent internet connection.

All the best.

storybeader said...

well, I love the #3! And that's a beautiful image with the SoL and the roof of Ellis Island. Haven't been there for "like ever!" hahaha

sarah said...

Refreshing, interesting view of the Statue of Liberty. thanks for sharing!

Gregorio said...

I love this shot it's kind of cool to see Ellis island and the Statue of Liberty from this angle.I've visited both many times and it is always a thrill for me.Thanks for the different perspective.

Oscar Gecko said...

The contrast between the graffiti and the Statue of Liberty is thought provoking. What a great shot.

yellowdog granny said... near and yet so far..statue of liberty is my second favorite building.esb being my favorite..and the 3rd is the flat iron building..
we don't have aaaaany thing like that in texas..well, we do have the eighty seven eleven foot tall statue of sam houston and the giant pair of cowboy books..and the cadillac ranch..haha