Friday, May 22, 2009

Sidewalk Trees

shadow of trees on sidewalk

Who is it now,
Who calls me inside?
Are the leaves on the trees
Just a living disguise?

I'll walk home again,
To the street melody,
Shadows and Tall Trees.

[all apologies to U2, SHADOWS AND TALL TREES]


Azure Islands Designs said...

Great the shadows and I spotted the cigarette but right away! It looks as though the roots of a huge tree is breaking through the concrete sidewalk at the top right hand side of the photo...that might make for an interesting shot!!!


ashlie said...

Agreed, great shot! I love the semi-abstract quality to it. I've seen this a thousand time in nyc but have never really stopped to appreciate it.

yellowdog granny said...

oh course i love it..and like the idea of the tree bursting thru the street.

storybeader said...

reminds me of "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" - loved that story!

Louise said...

Love this photo. It makes me remember that as a child I was fascinated by the tree roots breaking up the pavement on our street. And I notice that my own children also see them and think of them as some kind of magic.