Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ESB Scaffolds

window washer scaffolds on the Empire State Building, NYC

You gotta hand it to those guys--window washers on the Empire State Building. Okay, so, it wasn't all THAT cold today but still. (You know it's coming) That job really has its ups and downs.
(from the corner of 34th Street and Broadway)


Guy Vestal said...

I am a coward, as afraid of heights as I am, you couldn't pay me enough to get up there! LOL

Vanilla Press said...

Hiya, really glad I found your blog!I love to see & read everything about NYC
This photo is great.
I look forward to the next one!

AVCr8teur said...

Those guys got interesting jobs, but I hope they get hazard pay.

yellowdog granny said...

sparkling up the old gal...but noo waaay could i do that job.