Sunday, January 06, 2008

Cold Yellow

bar and yellow car, NYC

In the cold, I looked at shapes for you. I liked a shape or two.
One shape was all yellow.

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Sandy Carlson said...

This is such a blending of time and place and cold isolation. Wonderful photo. Happy BYB Sunday.

CyberCelt said...

This photograph could be entitled "the last man on Earth."

Were the fins of the Caddy in shadow? I love the way you always seem to find trees in NYC.

Stopping by for BYB Sunday and to say "hey" in the new year.

Paulie said...

Great composition in that photo -- says a lot with the stark yellow car, the figure all in black walking towards the darkness of the shadow makes my mind jump into the future and wonder what will happen next!

Come see my BYB photo.

Wannabe New Yorker said...

Great photo. Looks as if they're going to be absorbed into nothingness.

Blue Panther said...

Great Photo!