Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blocked Shot

Broome Street scene

New York City's SoHo--so many people every where you look. I photograph them, too, as you know, but , if it's a mural I want to get, I might wait for people to walk by before I snap the shutter.
..and then, I humbly submit "the happy accident". Just as the shutter snaps, the bicycle man swooshes through the frame. The blocked shot! He makes it or mars it.

Last second additions often wreck everything. This time, though, you gotta love that splash of red collage element, a sort of physical graffiti, if you will.

[produced on Broome Street]


Kheoh Yee Wei said...

you have some interesting street shots here,nice work !

Sandy Carlson said...

Yes....and you wonder what that cartooned face is thinking. "Get out of the way, bud!" This reminds me of all the pictures I have as a kid with a swoosh of my sister's arm as my father snapped the shutter. I think I wore the same face as Mr. Graffito here.