Thursday, December 06, 2007

13 Thursday - Ketchikan, Alaska

morning totem, Ketchikan, Alaska

Morning lights up the top figures of this totem in Ketchikan, Alaska. (scroll for more)
You might take another look at my Thursday Thirteen from July, as well.

totem wing, Ketchikan, Alaska

A wing of the above totem.

city view, Ketchikan, Alaska

From the top of the stairs near The Tunnel, looking over downtown Ketchikan and at the cruise ship dock and down Tongass Narrows.

Deer Mountain from ballpark, Ketchikan, Alaska

Deer Mountain as seen from the ballpark.

Ketchikan, Alaska, city logo on truck,

Logo on truck, City of Ketchikan, Alaska

phone booth and 24 hour parking

Two things rarely seen in NYC: a phone booth and 24 hour parking.

the tunnel, Ketchikan, Alaska

Yes, you can walk through the tunnel, besides drive through it. Stay on your side of the rail, please.

frost on Ketchikan Creek fish statue, Alaska

Morning frost on Ketchikan Creek's King Salmon statue.

festive lamppost, Ketchikan, Alaska

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

bumper sticker, Alaska Girls Kick Ass

As the bumper sticker suggests, "Alaska Girls Kick Ass". (license altered)

moss on frost, Ketchikan, Alaska

Frost on moss!

clam boy totem, Saxman, Alaska

The famous totem with the boy stuck in a Saxman, Alaska.

sunset, Kasaan Bay, Alaska

The sun sets on this scene and on my trip. I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of it.


rws said...

Thanks for all these wonderful pix!

Carey said...

I enjoyed your Alaskan pictures. Alaska looks very beautiful. I love this last picture of the sunset.

Frances said...

Thanks for sharing your views of Ketchikan Alaska with us.
I found your blogspot through the bloggers choice awards. Now its one of my regular view spots on the web.
Thanks again.

Q said...

Interesting photos of Ketchikan in Alaska! I've only been to Alaska briefly when I was little so I cannot remember much of it, but I've never seen totems there.

Thanks for sharing them with us.

Memphis Word Nerd said...

Wow! That is seriously gorgeous. I'm glad that I was surfing blogexplosion; your pictures are stunning. Thank you for sharing them.

yellowdog granny said...

oh wow..thanks so much for that ...they are the last one...a lot