Sunday, November 25, 2007

The End

pothole at the end of the road, Juneau, Alaska

My week in Juneau went by so fast. I could never have done all of the things or seen all of the people I wanted to, especially with less than 8 hours of daylight each day. However, I got blessed with a fantastic Thanksgiving. I will try to remember the great fun had instead of the many possibilities missed.

Here we see a pothole at the end of the road, north of town.

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MsDemmie said...

What a great shot - so many lessons to learn from it.

Happy BYB Sunday and have a great week.

Paulie said...

That pothole wouldn't matter IF many people did not use that road and that makes the road a blessing in itself. I understand that they can only work on the roads during certain times of the year in Alaska so one day, it will probably get filled. I mean with something other than rain water!

Marilyn said...

Sorta like the Velveteen Rabbit of roads. It's been loved too much.

Anonymous said...

well, its now going to be the most expensive road ever build going to no where. It will extend the "end of the road" of Juneau to another 40 or 50 miles to a ferry terminal and ship that doesn't exist yet...passing fjords of rock shooting straight out of the Lynn Canal. Its practical purpose and usefuliness will be the liken to building a space craft out of butter and flying it to the sun.

Anonymous said...

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Michelle from My Underground Secret Society said...

I love this photo. Wet road with forests on either side and a single pothole in the middle. I don't know why I find that beautiful, but I do.