Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blast From The Past

Times Square signage

Have you ever done this? When my camera says that its power has died, I open up the battery hatch, move the batteries around, and then take a few more shots. You can always get more shots.

Sometimes, if the camera is without batteries for a long time, it will forget what day it is. When I shoot photos in this condition, they show up as having been shot long ago. They get put in folders I sometimes forget to check. This happened yesterday.

In yesterday's case, I knew the date had changed to May 2, 2003 but couldn't be bothered at the moment to program the correct info. So, I knew later to expect the photos to show up in a folder with an old date. While looking for the "old" folder, I looked at some other "old" folders and came across some photos I shot in December 2005. This one from Manhattan (above) jumped out at me. If you compare it to the photo published here December 16th, 2005, you can see subtle differences, though the shots seem identical.


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Queen of Light and Joy said...

I do it all the time, and my camera does the same thing. do you own a canon? he he he :)